Acid rain and climate change issue in norway

Acid rain is one of the most serious environmental problems that was facing of Norway. It is a form of air pollution that caused by the individual activity. Much of Norway's acid rain stems from sulfur dioxide emissions originating mainly in the United Kingdom. Acid rain has damaged many of Norway's forests and waterways. Because the country's surface water and soils are especially susceptible to acidification, many Norwegian lakes can no longer support fish. This is a serious concern because fish are one of Norway's primary food resources and a major export. The Norwegian government has shown commitment to improving environmental health and conservation, and many of the nation's most pristine lands are protected in parks and reserves. Norway is party to international treaties concerning air pollution, biodiversity, climate change, endangered species, hazardous wastes, marine dumping, ship pollution, and wetlands. Biodiversity also is under pressure in Norway as well as other parts of the world. Major environmental pressures in Norway in the years to come are likely to include a continued trend towards urbanisation, increased energy demand, and an increase in the rate of climate change.

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